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Spirit Rock

We are excited to announce that there is now a Spirit Rock available for rent at Little River! You can celebrate a birthday, special event or accomplishment, recognize a teacher or staff member, or just spread a positive message! Share milestones and special occasions by making your student a “ROCK” star today! 100% of proceeds go to the LRE PTA where we will be putting the money directly back into the school and students in areas they need it the most!

Spirit Rock.jpg


*By reserving a date, you agree to adhere to the below-mentioned guidelines.


  • The rock is available to rent by current LRE PTA members ONLY.


  • To join the LRE PTA and to receive discounts on events and activities throughout the year go here


  • Reservations must be made to rent the rock.  Please see below for signup genius links.

  • Cost is $15 for one day (5:00pm the day prior until 5:00pm the day of) and is NON REFUNDABLE (rain of shine).


  • Renting the rock is on a FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED basis.


  • Reservations must be made by a parent or a staff member on behalf of a student or student group.


  • Your rock will be available to paint at 5pm the day prior to your reservation. For example, if you rent the rock on April 10th to celebrate a birthday, you may begin painting the rock at 5pm on April 9th.

  • Paint and painting supplies are NOT provided by the PTA.


  • No advertising.


  • No political messages.


  • All rules as outlined in the CCSD Code of student Conduct MUST be obeyed. NO EXCEPTIONS. (NO bullying, profanity, or derogatory language). If guidelines are not followed LRE PTA reserves the right to paint over the rock at anytime.

  • Remove all paint materials and litter from the school property.


  • The best paint to use for a base coat is spray paint. You will need approximately 2 to 3 cans to cover the rock. For detail work craft paint may be used, but remember this will take longer to dry. Sponge paint brushes also work great. Please remember to bring water and rags to clean your brushes and surrounding areas.



Frequently Asked Questions


How can I rent the rock?


You can reserve a date for the LRES Spirit Rock online (PLEASE SEE BELOW).  You will be required to pay the $15.00 fee when making the reservation.



What supplies do I need?


You will typically need 2 to 3 cans of spray paint for the base coat. Sponge brushes, stencils, and craft paint work great for the detail work. Please remember to bring water and rags to clean your brushes and the surrounding areas. 



What can I reserve the rock for?


You can reserve the rock for any kind of positive message! For a student’s birthday, to thank a teacher or staff member, congratulatory events, to wish luck on competitions and tournaments, or to recognize important milestones. Please note that political messages or profanity is NOT PERMITTED.



What if I reserve the rock and the weather is bad?


The rock can be towel dried and paint will adhere even light rain or snow. 



What if the rock is already reserved on the date I want?


Rock reservations are on a first come, first served basis so make your reservations as soon as possible! If the date you want is already reserved, choose the next closest available date.


Can the LRES PTA paint the rock for me?


LRES PTA is NOT responsible for painting the rock. If you would like to hire someone else to paint your rock please contact Dana Doodles.  Check out her Facebook page (her preferred method of contact is Facebook messenger)

Jayme Bennett preferred method text at 505-259-7208.


For any other questions or concerns please contact Keri George via email

1st Quarter: August 1 to October 13th: Click to Sign Up

2nd Quarter: October 16th to December 22nd: Click to Sign Up

3rd Quarter: January 8th to March 15th: Click to Sign Up

4th Quarter: March 18th to May 24th: Click to Sign Up

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