Congratulations to all of our Reflections Participants and Winners!


It was very close with all of the entries, and we were lucky enough to have 11 local art enthusiasts from the Woodstock area to help judge. All names listed below placed 1st or 2nd and (in alphabetical order) will be going on to the county competition that will be judged on Friday, October 11, 2019.

Look out for an invitation to a “celebration” breakfast at LRE where we will announce the school and county placements.

Visual Arts - Kai Samuelu
Visual Arts - Kate Wieland

1st Grade:
Visual Arts - Zoey Burke
Visual Arts - Veer Lamba
Photography - Veer Lamba

2nd Grade:
Visual Arts 3D - Anna Grace Foster
Visual Arts - Ben Fraser
Literature - Kate Hamlin
Visual Arts - Molly Sherrill
Photography - Annabel Turner
Visual Arts 3D - Stockton White

3rd Grade:
Visual Arts - Saanvi Lamba
Photography - Saanvi Lamba
Film Production - Saanvi Lamba
Literature - Saanvi Lamba
Visual Arts - Ayana Rao
Photography - Trinley Rios
Dance - Allie Steinbrenner

4th Grade:
Music Composition - Max Bomar
Literature - Madeline Buckley
Visual Arts - Gabbi Groce

5th Grade:
Photography - Nina Grace Barbaree
Literature - Aariz Rao
Visual Arts - Kori Samuelu
Visual Arts - Carter White

Email with any questions. 

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